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Best Fan controllers

Best Fan controllers
am looking for a really cool fan controller to use,[url=http://www.nikeairmaxzonesale.com/]cheap nike air max 90[/url], probably not to run all of them but would like to run cpu fans and maybe top 3 or rearbut am hearing all kinds of bad reports that it cant put out the juice needed by either large or high end fans. (something like a max of 5w per channel)
so using that as a point of reference. something that looks cool, and would really like for it to have an automatic setting. what is out there for me cause I'm finding it really hard to find these
Your determining factor here are:
1  how many fans you want to control (Lamptron make an 8 channel controller, the most at the moment I think, someone may be able to clarify?)
2  The power ratings of your fans (shouldn't be an issue unless you are running more than 1 fan per channel. Handy if your case is not within easy reach also. (there is also an FV6) has 30W/ch which is more than enough and I find the knobs much easier to use than the touch screens which are generally cheap and nonresponsive, not to mention the viewing angle is appalling on some models.
Sorry but I couldn't find either of these on newegg,[url=http://www.nikeairmaxzonesale.com/]cheap nike air max[/url].
However the two points mentioned above will really limit you to what options you have to consider.
It's not recommended to run your CPU fans from an addon fan controller. Leaving it on the motherboard's headers is a much more secure choice. For the other fans though, something like the one you mentioned will work fine. I'm not quite sure if I will grab one so, well,[url=http://www.nikeairmaxbestsale.com/]air max 1 sale[/url], huge,[url=http://www.nikeairmaxzonesale.com/]nike air max uk[/url], but if it works for you it's fine. is what I'd look at. I couldn't find LianLi controllers too quickly on NewEgg, but they are pretty awesome as well. Personally on my HAFX case I have LED fans top, side, front and coldcathode lighting inside to add highlights from the bottom and far front side. Top and side fans are CM Megaflow's (19dBA but I find that acceptable).
I love my CM fans. I have a few Antec fans as well, and they're just as great. Overall in my case I have a shitload of fans
1 x 120mm on PSU (Generic Gigabyte fan)
2 x 120mm on CPU (Cooler Master R4L2R20CKGP R4P2B12AK)
1 x 80mm on GPU (MSI Cyclone)
2 x 120mm front intake (Antec TriCool 120mm)
1 x 120mm rear exhaust (Antec TwoCool 120mm)
1 x 140mm top exhaust (Antec TwoCool 140mm)
1 x 120mm side intake (Cooler Master R4L2R20CKGP)
All of which are LED except the GPU, PSU and one CPU fan. Front fans have their own speed controller, as do the top and rear fans ("High" and "Low" speed settings). PSU, CPU and GPU fans are temperature controlled (motherboard,[url=http://www.nikeairmaxbestsale.com/]cheap nike air max 1[/url], PWM and hardware controlled) and the side intake fan is on a controller. It generates a lot of noise when sucking air into the case, so I turn it down to about 20%.
All in all,[url=http://www.nikeairmaxbestsale.com/]nike air max 1 sale[/url], the LED fans are pretty nice, but I don't think I'll go allout LED again. You really do get tired of it,[url=http://www.nikeairmax1shopsale.com/]nike air max 1 cheap[/url], and when you use the PC for anything other than gaming the blue glow can be distracting (and downright irritating when you try to sleep with the whole room lit up like a Christmas tree).
I'd recommend LED fans with switches you can use to turn the LED's on and off. I'm considering selling my case at the end of the year and getting everything new with my Bulldozer rig,[url=http://www.nikeairmaxbestsale.com/]cheap nike air max[/url], and then the only fans I'll get with LED's on will be the CPU fans. The cooler must glow.

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