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Please could you confirm if this is a word or not? And whether using 'uncoordinated' appears correct?ps. I note that the spell checker queries malcoordinated when I try to send, And offers no variations. eager for your reply I should have put money on this.
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there is not really such word as malcoordinated recorded in the OED (via the internet).
i have discovered one slightly weird example (From a non secular magazine, unsurprisingly) Of its use for Oxford corpus (500 million keywords and phrases), Which goes love this particular:
"A the yuletide season baby, With fingernails and everything! Malcoordinated childish digits needing teaching. In Him as much as possible hold together, But a baby is required to be taught to hold! How did they stretch skin close to the Invisible God? Was it resembling clingfilm,
No example on the British indigenous Corpus (100 million).
So I think a solution quite no, But as with all language there is scope for technology, And mal is a constructive prefix. It would be useful to tell apart the sense 'badly coordinated' (Which I imagine is this is intended) From 'not printed [from the least]'. all around though, Uncoordinated is much appropriate word. while acknowledging that, Robert makes the point that being successful room for invention. What do we think? Should malcoordinated be in the thesaurus? If there's enough support perhaps Robert will kindly add it to another edition. "Stretch skin by the Invisible God? Was it not unlike clingfilm, this has to be inventive use of language.
I think the word is OK even if not normally accepted yet, And does seem entering the English language, As Robert statements, As a halfway house between matched and unharmonized, Like and for that reason, In my humble opinion you right, But it must be added as it is useful.
you might be a lexical Luddite, Or prepared to with the flow If new scientific words can be added, Why not useful words to graduate other words? an amount Samuel have done? English is so innovative (And presumably tough to learn to speak well) Because it has continued to adapt from many sources and has so many fine semantic gradations.锘縎o if this elegant paratroop officer (wagered by Jean Martin) gets control of Algiers at the head of his battalion of wellschooled elite troops, He moves swiftly to put down a terrorist campaign that confronts and confounds the French colonial white house. He floods the Casbah with troopers, He gains mind through torture, He breaks the revolutionary cells, And when he cannot persuade a cornered crew to surrender, He coolly wires the whole house with plastique and steps back to watch the explosion and the rain of body parts. Then he lights up a Gauloise and has an aperitif.
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